Extra meeting 30.1.2012

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1. Discussion on Layer0
  • Hannu presents PowerPoint
2. Discussion on Testing
  • Organization of tests wrt. plugins and automation
  • Automatic testing procedures
  • Reporting of test results
  • Priorities of creating tests
3. Other issues
  • Harri/Arto: How to use trunk/stable in products?
  • Meeting material must be delivered to participants on wednesday/thursday axis of the previous week


Meeting time
Antti Villberg, Kalle Kondelin, Hannu Niemistö, Tuukka Lehtonen, Arto Kallio, Jani Simomaa, Harri Ojanen, Marko Luukkainen (arrived at 10AM)

1. Discussion on Layer0

TODO Attach powerpoint presentation
  • Option 4 seems most elegant
  • Impossible to definitively say what the performance effects of the changes are. URIs/indexing/TG export/import will naturally slow down. On the other hand some normal browsing operations will be a little faster and in some cases there will be less data. Obviously this bothers everyone.
  • The changes are internal to DB, as long as they change.
  • One caveat: TG format must be changed since it currently uses the current ConsistsOf assumption for hierarchy encoding
  • Ruling: No objections, will be implemented
Immutable Subgraphs
  • Ruling: No objections, will be implemented
  • Ruling: Use c), requires immutable subgraphs. Added exception to allow user to still control whether inverses exist or not
  • Presented, not evaluated.
  • Presented, not evaluated.
What belongs to Layer0
  • Presented, not evaluated.

2. Discussion on Testing

File:Discussion on Testing.pptx

3. Other issues