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Simantics Core is a semantic database server application.

Backup Plan

The data written to a persistent store can be INVALUABLE. Change set data combined with transaction journaling provides safety against crashes and power outages etc. If data gets corrupted anyway, backups must be used to recover data. Periodical full binary backup of the database can be done. Critical parts of the data can also be stored periodically as Transferable Graphs (this format does not depend on the ProCore version).

Arguments to Server

The only argument the server accepts is name of file containing configuration arguments. If an argument is not given the name server.cnfg is used. If file is not found or there is error during parsing of the file server does not start. An example of configuration file, which also documents the parameters that can be given, is found in org.simantics.db.undocore.OS.ARCH plugin.


Linux 32/64-bit

Install prerequisites:

$ apt-get install gcc g++ scons libace-dev liblzo2-dev uuid-dev libboost-all-dev

Checkout source:

$ svn co

Compile ProCoreServer

$ cd org.simantics.db.procore.server
$ scons install


Get from org.simantics.db.procore.server.win32 (SVN) and extract to location X

load org.simantics.db.procore.server/procore/ProCoreServer/ProCoreServer.sln

in Tools/Options/Projects and Solutions/VC++ Directories

  • add X\VS2008\inc to 'Include files' first entry
  • add x\VS2008\x86\$(ConfigurationName) to 'Library files' last entry

in ProCoreServer project options

  • add ..\$(ConfigurationName).cnfg to Debugging/CommandArguments
  • add $(ConfigurationName) to Debugging/Working Directory
  • add PATH=X/VS2008/x86/$(ConfigurationName) to Debugging/Environment