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This is an overview of the interwiki table, which defines the prefix shortcuts used to quickly link to different wikis and other external sites. For recommended use, please see the manual on

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Prefix Interwiki prefix to be used in [[prefix:pagename]] wikitext syntax.
URL Template for URLs. The placeholder $1 will be replaced by the pagename in [[prefix:pagename]].
Forward yes External HTTP requests to the local wiki using this interwiki prefix will be redirected to the target URL of the interwiki (i.e. treated like links to local pages).
no External HTTP requests to the local wiki using this interwiki prefix in the URL will result in a "Bad title" error page.
Transclude yes If wikitext syntax {{prefix:pagename}} is used, allow template/page transclusion from the foreign wiki if interwiki transclusions are enabled in general (scary transclusion).
no Do not allow {{prefix:pagename}} to transclude foreign templates/pages, rather look for a local page in the template namespace.

Interwiki prefixes

acronym$1nonoEdit, Delete
advogato$1nonoEdit, Delete
annotationwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
arxiv$1nonoEdit, Delete
c2find$1nonoEdit, Delete
cache$1nonoEdit, Delete
commons$1nonoEdit, Delete
corpknowpedia$1nonoEdit, Delete
devwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
dictionary*&Form=Dict1&Strategy=*&Query=$1nonoEdit, Delete
disinfopedia$1nonoEdit, Delete
docbook$1nonoEdit, Delete
doi$1nonoEdit, Delete
drumcorpswiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
dwjwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
elibre$1nonoEdit, Delete
emacswiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
foldoc$1nonoEdit, Delete
foxwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
freebsdman$1nonoEdit, Delete
gej$1nonoEdit, Delete
gentoo-wiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
google$1nonoEdit, Delete
googlegroups$1nonoEdit, Delete
hammondwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
hewikisource$1yesnoEdit, Delete
hrwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
imdb$1nonoEdit, Delete
issue$1nonoEdit, Delete
jargonfile$1nonoEdit, Delete
javadoc$1nonoEdit, Delete
jspwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
keiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
kmwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
linuxwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
lojban$1nonoEdit, Delete
lqwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
lugkr$1nonoEdit, Delete
mathsongswiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
meatball$1nonoEdit, Delete
mediawikiwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
mediazilla$1yesnoEdit, Delete
memoryalpha$1nonoEdit, Delete
metawiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
metawikipedia$1nonoEdit, Delete
moinmoin$1nonoEdit, Delete
mozillawiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
mw$1nonoEdit, Delete
oeis$1nonoEdit, Delete
openfacts$1nonoEdit, Delete
openwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
patwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
pmeg$1.phpnonoEdit, Delete
pmid$1?dopt=AbstractnonoEdit, Delete
ppr$1nonoEdit, Delete
pythoninfo$1nonoEdit, Delete
redmine$1nonoEdit, Delete
rfc$1nonoEdit, Delete
s23wiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
seattlewiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
seattlewireless$1nonoEdit, Delete
senseislibrary$1nonoEdit, Delete
slashdot$1nonoEdit, Delete
sourceforge$1nonoEdit, Delete
squeak$1nonoEdit, Delete
susning$1nonoEdit, Delete
svgwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
svn$1nonoEdit, Delete
tavi$1nonoEdit, Delete
tejo$1nonoEdit, Delete
theopedia$1nonoEdit, Delete
tmbw$1nonoEdit, Delete
tmnet$1nonoEdit, Delete
tmwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
twiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
uea$1nonoEdit, Delete
unreal$1nonoEdit, Delete
usemod$1nonoEdit, Delete
userwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
vinismo$1nonoEdit, Delete
webseitzwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
why$1nonoEdit, Delete
wiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikia$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikibooks$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wikicities$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikif1$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikihow$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikimedia$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikinews$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wikinfo$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikipedia$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wikiquote$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wikisource$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wikispecies$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wikitravel$1nonoEdit, Delete
wikiversity$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wikt$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wiktionary$1yesnoEdit, Delete
wlug$1nonoEdit, Delete
zwiki$1nonoEdit, Delete
zzz wiki$1nonoEdit, Delete