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This page is out of date.


The testing section gives information about tests and their results. The build setups and automation are also explained here.


Tests will be a plug-in under org.simantics.tests and the tests will be run on jenkins in the section tab called Testing. All the tests and their results can be found on here


Test suites

Test suites will be divided into different sections. First unit tests that will do for example regression tests, stress tests etc. Unit tests are done with JUnit 4.

Another testing tool is Squish. With Squish you can test your applications GUI and its performance. Squish tests are also run under Jenkins.


suite_sysdyn-1.5 is a test suite done with Squish. It runs simple GUI tests on simantics.org/jenkins.


  • First test. This is just to check that Sysdyn opens up and shuts down correctly.
  • Result page.



  • This test creates new model and adds couple components and then verifys if the components are shown correctly on the diagram.
  • Result page.


  • This test creates new model and then checks if the trend are active and it is confugrable.
  • Result page.


  • This test creates new model and opens it to diagram. Then renames the model and reopens the model to diagram and sees if it success.
  • Result page.


  • This test creates new sheet and tries to edit it and add numbers etc.
  • Result page.


Results can be found here in jenkins.


Regression testing aims to uncover new errors, or regressions, in existing functionality after changes have been made to a system, such as functional enhancements, patches or configuration changes.

Sources for current tests can be found at Simantics SVN.

Simantics Regressions 1

Simantics Regressions 1 is the main suite for simantics database regression tests. In this suite there is only the tests that will pass every time. If some test fails it will be moved to Simantics Regressions 2.


Latest test results can be found here.

Simantics Regressions 2

Simantics Regressions 2 is the secondary suite for simantics database regression tests. This suite is the place for tests that have previously passed but then during the current sprint turned out to be failure. After every sprint this suite will be cleaned and the tests that passes in this suite will be moved to Simantics Regressions 1. Tests that fails will be either moved to Simantics Regressions 3 or Regressions 4.

Simantics Regressions 3

Simantics Regressions 3 is the suite for tests that will be repaired during current sprint and then moved to Simantics Regressions 1.

Simantics Regressions 4

Simantics Regressions 4 is the suite for tests that have been put on hold but maybe in future will be revived or not.

Current Database Tests

Current tests (db-tests)