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Tutorial trail - Movie Database

Tutorial 1: Ontology Development

  • Example: Movie Database Ontology
  • How to: create an ontology plugin, create and compile ontology
  • Add reference data as .pgraph (a link)

Tutorial 2: Project Development

  • How to setup Project: Extension, Feature, Ontology, Perspective
  • Example: Film Production Feature

Tutorial 3: Model Development

  • How to setup: A project type, a model, UI Contributions (Tree, context menu, icons)
  • Example: Film Production Project, Casting model, Scheduling model,

Tutorial 4: Diagram Development

  • Example: Designing a Casting Diagram for Film Production
  • How to setup: scene graph, diagram/model-syncronization

Standalone Tutorials

Guide: Quick Development Environment Setup

  • Install Eclipse, SVN plug-ins, Simantics Graph Compiler, Target Platform

Tutorial: Database Development

  • How to do: Read transaction, Write transaction
  • Database trivia, UI
  • Also: Quickstart