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org.simantics.db (SVN) provides access to versioned graph data.

org.simantics.db.procore (SVN) offers an simple implementation of an TCP/IP based client to org.simantics.db.procore.server (SVN)

org.simantics.db.tests (SVN) contains unit tests for the client library.


Subgraph Extents

Transferable Graph

Inverse Relations

Resource Adaptation

Resource Serialization

Undo and Redo



Version Date Download SVN Source Tag SVN Target Tag SVN Headless Tag
0.6.1 12.8.2009 hudson build svn:db/tags/0.6.1/
0.6.2 10.9.2009 [not available] svn:db/tags/0.6.2/ svn:db/tags/ svn:db/tags/
0.6.3 10.9.2009 [not available] [not available] svn:db/tags/ svn:db/tags/
0.6.4 9.10.2009 [not available] svn:db/tags/0.6.4/ [deprecated] [deprecated]
0.7.1 04.12.2009 [not available] svn:db/tags/0.7.1/ [deprecated] [deprecated]
0.7.2 13.01.2010 [not available] svn:db/tags/0.7.2/ [deprecated] [deprecated]

Change Log





  • Tested with Apros and Simantics products.
  • Supports win32.x86, linux32.x86 and linux64.x86 versions.
  • Protocol changed, not compatible with previous versions.
  • Database generation has changed, now database generation scripts are in plug-in. Script build has the exact same interface as the old generate2 script. All data needed for building database is in which must be as a project in your development workbench if you want to build new databases i.e. check out project.
  • Plugin metainformation must be updated to use the new version.
  • DatabaseUtil has been modified slightly:

import org.simantics.db.Manager;

       String templateBundle = Manager.getTemplateBundle();
       String templatePath2;
       try {
           templatePath2 = Manager.getTemplatePath();
       } catch (DatabaseException e) {
           throw new FileNotFoundException("No template plugin available:" + e.getMessage());
       String templateMask = Manager.getTemplateMask();
       Bundle bundle = Platform.getBundle(templateBundle);
       if (bundle == null)
           throw new FileNotFoundException("No template plugin available ");



  • Fixed bug with setting value to resource in server (ProCoreServer). NOTE: Only linux 32 bit version compiled.



  • Fixed linux 32 bit version bug.



  • Highly unstable release.
  • First release that has corresponding target platform.
  • Linux 32 bit version does not work.
  • Writeonly cluster API does not work if clusters are also read during updates.
  • Database corrupts after short modelling period.
  • Database files can not be transferred between different operating systems.



  • First so called "stable" release for a long time.


  • 1.0RC1 (2010/02/19)
    • Cluster optimization (Done 12.2.)
    • Refresh of direct server clients when database changes
    • Blob API and local (workspace based) implementation (partly Done i.e. API 12.2.)
    • Team features view with (Partly done but not tested yet 12.2.)
      • Publish/synchronize all functionality
      • Simple list of configuration history
    • Undo API
    • Virtual graph API support (Partly done 12.2. -> Antti's work, NO DOCUMENTATION AVAILABLE)
  • 1.0 (2010/03/17)
    • Bug fixes
  • 1.1 (2010/07/09)
    • Team features view with
      • Partial publish/synchronize
    • Undo functionality
    • Remote Blob (datbase based) implementation
  • 1.2 (2010/09/01)
    • Team features view with
      • Conflict detection and resolution
    • Offline reclustering
    • Database debugging tools
      • At least a check of database and report (cf. chkdsk)
  • 2.0 (2011(02/01)
    • Recluster functionality
    • Offline mode
    • Access control

Current Development

Planned features:

  • Rework Cluster Structure

Planned work: