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Org.simantics.g2d is a graphics framework.

The framework is layered, at the bottom there is a canvas and on top there is diagram.


Canvas chassis
SWT, AWT and AWT fullscreen canvas controls for Java2D-based 2D rendering of canvas contexts. Rendering is defined by a scene graph structure.
Canvas context
An abstraction for composing and managing canvas participants that can contribute to the functionality of the canvas context. Functionality here means for example scene graph manipulation or input event processing.
Unified Event system
SWT/AWT input event gathering and uniform propagation to canvas participants.
A model-independent diagramming framework on top of a canvas.


Version Date SVN
unstable - svn:2d/trunk/org.simantics.g2d
0.9.0 31.12.2009 svn:2d/tags/0.9.0/org.simantics.g2d

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