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org.simantics.scenegraph.ui (SVN) contains UI components for helping in development using the org.simantics.scenegraph component.


UI Components

Scene Graph Viewer

The scene graph viewer shows the contents of the scene graph as a tree of nodes. For each node, the view shows its name, node class and internal ID. For IG2DNode instances a Z index value that determines child rendering order is also shown.

Scenegraph viewer.png

Attribute dialog

The scene graph viewer also contains a dialog for viewing scene graph node attributes. The dialog can be brought up by double-clicking a node in the viewer.

Scenegraph attribute dialog.png



New & Noteworthy
  • Show selected scene graph node attributes, browse using reflection APIs. [1]
SVN tag - svn:2d/tags/0.9.0/org.simantics.scenegraph.ui
Repository - svn:2d/tags/0.9.0/repository

Development Ideas

  • Find a way to link the selection of the active part to the scene graph viewer selection.
  • Add a mechanism to listen to the child changes in nodes. Would allow the viewer to refresh automatically.