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Update site is an online accesible repository of plugins and features - the code and material of Eclipse platform. Simantics project maintains an update site for Simantics SDK and Simantics Developer Tools. It is located at http://www.simantics.org/update. The root is actually a composing site and its breakdown is are detailed in the table below. The format of the site is a P2 repository.

Address Purpose
http://www.simantics.org/download/head/sdk Target platform for on-going Trunk Development. The Code is uploaded here using a buckminster script. This repository is excluded from the root composition. (http://www.simantics.org/update/)
http://www.simantics.org/download/1.6/sdk Simantics 1.6 SDK and Target Platform
http://www.simantics.org/update/ Root site, a composition of all below.
http://www.simantics.org/update/utils Simantics Development tools for Eclipse IDE
http://www.simantics.org/update/indigo Eclipse 3.7 Indigo mirror
http://www.simantics.org/update/buckminster-3.7 Buckminster 3.7 mirror

Bottom line: You can use the URL http://www.simantics.org/update for updating Eclipse Indigo, Simantics SDK and Simantics Eclipse Developing tools such as Graph Compiler.